2018 BMW F 750 GS & F 850 GS Preview

After much waiting, the first look of BMW F750 GS and F850 GS is out. Ever since its arrival, the F series by BMW of their GS lineup has been bridging the gap between single F650 GS and R1200 GS. This vehicle has finally grown in their electronics and agility as well as their displacement.

The parallel twin has 853cc now and this allows the F850 GS to have a 95 horsepower @ an RPM of 8250. The F750 GS on the other hand clocks a 77 horsepower @ an RPM of 7500. The 2018 F850 GS makes a torque of 68 ft/lbs @ 6250 RPM and F750 GS has a torque of 61 ft/lbs @ 6000 RPM.

Engine has two counterbalance shafts now. These help absorb the vibrations, allowing for a smoother delivery of power. The transmission (6 gears) delivers power to the rear wheel by using the chain but now the drive system is positioned on the left side.

Redesigned engine that is more powerful isn’t the only thing in these F series GS motorbikes. They have a stronger frame made f steel due to which the chassis feel is improved and the bike is less heavy.

The suspension components have also been changed with new telescopic forks and a double sided aluminum swingarm that has a central spring strut for a sensitive and much optimal handling experience.

All in all the vehicle has tremendously improved and we are in love with this GS model. The release date and price is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more updates.